Often, development organizations are required by donors and partners to maintain high levels of performance in their projects and respond to ever changing environment. For this reason, project management becomes an important function for the organisation to bring out desired change in the society. We offer comprehensive project management services which include.

Project deployment

Without a proper operational guideline for the project, its deemed to fail. We work with your organizations and team to identify, prioritize and establish the basic project management tools and operating guidelines and practices. These are not limited to;

  • Developing program standards checklist
  • Program team and structure
  • Stakeholder management and partnership plans
  • Program transition planning
  • Communication planning
  • Project tracking and adjustment

Project review and recovery

Even with the best operations, sometimes projects lose track. Our project recovery services focus on reviving projects that are not performing maximally. We help to determine weak points and develop corrective actions that bring back the project into course.

  • Review and evaluate existing project
  • Recommendations and solutions and controls
  • Develop a road map for the new controls
  • Support and Implementation of new tools, processes and procedures