The success of any development program is anchored on its administration. Ineffective systems to oversee the operations of any programs affects its performance and creates an avenue for failure. For the humanitarian and development programs to achieve intended results and impact in the communities where they are executed, projects must be effectively managed, personnel skills developed, resources utilized wisely, activities documented, research conducted and among many others communication channels be in place.

Blendex Group works with non-governmental organizations, foundations, charities, governments, and individuals in different sectors to provide technical assistance in managing and implementing development projects. We help organizations build strong projects that enhance service delivery to target clients, achievement of results and accountability to donors and funders.


Honesty and consistency is our character to deliver expected outputs.

We deliver what our clients expect and when they expect it.

We understand clients’ needs can change and we respond accordingly.

We incorporate all ethical elements in our interaction with our clients.

Excellency is key in our work and we commit to the highest standards.


Our step by step processes are designed to ensure that we understand the needs of the clients for a successful execution of the assignment. We provide all needed information to ensure that you as a client, make an informed decision. We always endeavor to establish long term engagement with our clients which promotes consistency in how certain assignments are carried out in the organisation.

We always establish initial contact with our clients or potential ones in two different ways;

As a client you can reach out to us through our different communication channels such as our contact form, email or telephone. One we receive your query; a member of our team will provide a rapid response. This could be through an email, a call or schedule a one-on-one meeting with you.

We are always on the lookout for the clients who need our services. We respond to your call for expression of interest in the manner provided. This gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to your organisation and explain our suitability for the assignment.

After the initial contact, one of our team members will schedule a face to face meeting with you to further discuss your needs/ the assignment in detail as well as provide more information about our work. At this stage, we demonstrate our suitability as consultants to adequately execute your desired assignment.

After we have assessed your assignment needs, and give us a green light, we shall prepare a detailed proposal providing details of the tasks to be carried out and the estimated cost. Given that every client has different needs, our approach to the assignment is specific to every organisation and presents the best solutions for the problem presented. During this time, we also dedicate a lead for all the correspondence for the assignment

After we have submitted a proposal with all the requirements for the project execution and its approved by the client, a contract stating all the terms of engagement is developed and signed ready to execute the assignment. We all commit to take the minimum time possible to deliver the assignment with maximum quality. During the execution of the project, we also ensure that the client is informed and updated on the status of accomplishment, planned activities, and any issue of concern that might need client’s attention.

Our Team

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